Tracks Farreti Friends – Tracks del Diable 100 with Gerard Farrés

If you want to enjoy in the company of Gerard Farrés two days of pure MTB, you can not miss this opportunity for Tracks del Diable territory, where you can enjoy trails, broken tracks and breathtaking scenery.

What is so special about Tracks Farreti Friends?

  • 1 night of lodging in MP
  • Ambassador during the entire tour: Gerard Farrés
  • Tracks Farreti Friends special edition jersey (optional shorts 50€)
  • Tasting of cured meats and artisan cheeses
  • Lunch at the restaurant Can Miquel de Tavartet (Saturday)
  • Transport of luggage between stages
  • Gift raffle
  • Accommodation with dinner and breakfast at Fonda Marsal in Rupit.
  • Picnic (Sunday en route)
  • Showers at the end of the route
  • Accident and rescue insurance
The Tracks Farreti Friends event will be held on July 4 and 5, 2020.


  • Meeting point and departure point at the Tracks Tour facilities, 55 Manlleu Street, Torelló.
  • We will start the route combining trails and some tracks towards St. Moritz. We will ride through the village of St. Pere de Torelló, where we will start riding on endless trails to L’Esquirol, to continue on another trail that will take us to Cantonigròs, where we will have a brutal tasting of sausages and artisan cheeses. We will leave by a path that leads to a track that takes us to a downhill path to Tavertet, where we will have lunch at the Restaurant Can Miquel. The departure from Tavertet is a treat for the eyes as we will cycle along the side of the cliffs of the Cingles de l’Avenc, to reach Rupit by a small path.
  • We will be accommodated at the Fonda Marsal.
  • Free time to visit Rupit.
  • At 21h dinner, you will surely come back another time to repeat.
  • After dinner, raffle of gifts.


  • Breakfast at 8.30 am
  • Departure on route at 9.15 a.m.
  • The route begins on a track that leads to the Salt de Sallent, an impressive 115 m high waterfall. We will continue along an uphill track that will lead us to some trails where we will require art to climb without putting any foot. Descent to St. Louis. We will have a picnic lunch in St. Andreu de la Vola, followed by some very cool trails that will take us to the door of the dreaded “Cuesta de la Muerte”, where there is an alternative in case someone is touched. More trails until we reach Torelló.
  • Baggage claim and showers for those who wish.

The Tracks del Diable 100 route

Tracks del Diable 100 is a two-day mountain bike route in stages through the Osona region starting in Torelló: L’Equirol, Cantonigròs, Tavertet, Rupit, Sant Andreu de la Vola, Sant Pere de Torelló and Sant Vicenç de Torelló.

There will be 103 km of mountain biking with a cumulative positive elevation gain of 3030m spread over two days:

  • Day 1. 50km > 1520m + elevation gain
  • Day 2. 53km > 1480m + elevation gain

A circular circuit of pure MTB with 100% cyclable trails, where you will taste the typical gastronomy of the Osona region, you will discover picturesque and hidden villages, you will enjoy breathtaking views from cliffs while you breathe the absolute tranquility and know the Legend of the Devil, which gives its name to this Tracks Tour route.

The objective is to enjoy

The only objective of a mountain bike trip through the Osona region with Gerard Farrés is to enjoy yourself. The possibility to ride the route with our luxury ambassador helps you to adapt the sections on the ground or to receive specific advice during the route. Having Gerard Farrés, a connoisseur of the area, allows you to get the most out of it by sharing routes and anecdotes just for you.

It’s time to bet on making Tracks Farreti Friends!

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