The Ter route for MTB and trekking lovers

The Catalan community is one of the most chosen destinations by tourists to live an authentic sporting experience due to the endless possibilities offered by its territory. If you do not choose between the beach or the mountains, and you also enjoy cycling and walking routes, in Tracks Tour we have the perfect option for you. With the route of the Ter you will be able to cross the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees on your mountain bike with Tracks del Ter or walking with Tracks del Ter Trekking.

The importance of water with the Ter route

Depending on which version you choose to do the Ter route, you will visit different towns and cities in a linear route. Of course, with both tracks you will follow the river Ter from its source to the beach where it merges with the sea.

What is clear is that with the Ter route you will have the opportunity to discover the great variety of landscapes, culture, history, gastronomy and traditions of each municipality.

Tracks of the Ter in BTT

If you opt for the mountain bike route, you will be able to do the 244 km route that runs mostly on mountain tracks and trails in 3 or 4 stages. We recommend the four-day tourist-cultural version to enjoy the experience and visit the cities of Vic and Girona in depth.

Your starting point will be the municipality of Torelló, from there a transfer will take you to the ski resort of Vallter 2000mountain pass where your route will start.

You will continue to Ripoll, capital of the Ripollès region located in the heart of the pre-Pyrenees. There, you can not miss the monastery of Santa Maria de Ripoll, one of the most beautiful and important buildings in Catalonia.

Your second stage with 61 km will take you to Vic, a municipality in the Osona region of Barcelona known for being the city of sausage. Don’t hesitate to taste it or even make it yourself!

Get your strength to travel 81 km and head to the city of Girona. Once there, visit the streets of the old town and the Cathedral of Girona, emblematic points of the city.

Ready for your last stage? Your next destination will be the beach town of L’Estartit . A beautiful natural paradise on the Costa Brava surrounded by the archipelago of the Medes Islands.

Ter Trekking Tracks

Live an adventure on foot following the river Ter from its source in Ull de Ter to the mouth of the Gola del Ter, in the town of L’Estartit in the Mediterranean Sea.

This route has a mileage of 220 kilometers and a cumulative positive elevation gain of 5700 meters. In Tracks Tour we have designed it to be done in 10 stages to discover the territory without rushing. Its route runs mostly on trails that will lead you to the highest peaks in the area, without being technical or dangerous roads.

We also offer the possibility of doing sections of the route with Trail Running enjoying the running environment, the experience ‘Follow the tributaries’ that will allow you to navigate the tributaries of the Ter river and ‘Kayak the river and dive in the sea’, a different experience highly recommended. Ask us to add them to your route!

Undoubtedly, Tracks del Ter Trekking is suitable for nature lovers willing to walk the best trails that unite two regions with a lot of history.

Which one do you choose?



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