Tour of Spain in Asturias

From July 10 to 12 or from July 23 to 26 you can enjoy the most authentic cyclotourism with the mythical climbs of Vuelta España in Asturias including professional guide, Ruth Moll. El Fito, Lagos de Covadonga, Puerto Ventana, San Lorenzo and La Cubilla will make you feel the asphalt sticking to your wheels and enjoy the best views.

What is so special about this Vuelta España cyclotourism event in Asturias?

  • 3 days / 3 nights with MP accommodation, Villa de Nava Hotel.
  • 3 Special Tour of Spain.
  • Guide during the 3 days.
  • Friday and Saturday afternoon activities
  • Gift raffle.
  • Transportation of luggage between stages.
  • Accident insurance.
  • Exclusive jersey Tracks Astures girl (35 €).
  • Visit to Llagar Castañón (15 €).
  • Las Caldas SPA thermal circuit (15 € – 2h and a half).

Special Tour of Spain Asturias Tour profiles


STAGE 1. Lakes of Fito – Covadonga Lakes

  • Departure from Arriondas.
  • We will go up and down on the same side. We continue towards Cangas de Onís, where we will stop and make the traditional visit to the Sanctuary of the Santina de Covadonga.
  • As a final climax, the ascent to Lagos de Covadonga.
  • Approximate duration of the route: 4/5 h.
  • End of route and free time to visit the heart of “la tierrina”.

STAGE 2. San Lorenzo or Puerto Ventana

  • Departure from Las Caldas Hotel Villa Termal
  • We will continue towards Puerto Ventana, very bearable, crossing the valleys of Teverga.
  • We will have the option to climb Puerto Ventana (longer but more bearable) and San Lorenzo (more demanding). At the two summits we enter the Natural Park of Somiedo.
  • Approximate duration of the route: 5/7 h.
  • Arrival at the lodge and free time.

STAGE 3. Ascent to La Cubilla

  • Breakfast and to the agreed meeting point.
  • The easiest and most bearable stage of the three days.
  • We will go from Pola de Lena to enjoy the ascent to La Cubilla, the Asturian Galibier, with a lot of tranquility because its views and environment are worthy of photographic report.
  • Descent on the same side as the ascent. Watch out! It is long, continuous and high mountain. Vest, leggings, sleeves… are required.
  • Baggage claim and showers

STAGE 1. Departure from Arriondas

  • OPTION A: Fito + Lakes 101 km + 2257 m
  • OPTION B: Covadonga Lakes 64 km + 1553 m. The hardest stage of the three days with views of Picos de Europa and the Sueve reserve. From the viewpoint we can see the coast of Asturias.

STAGE 2. Departure from Las Caldas or from Proaza, cutting 40 km.

  • OPTION A: Ascent to Puerto Ventana – 117 km + 1685 m
  • OPTION B: Ascent to Puerto San Lorenzo – 110 km + 1585 m

STAGE 3. Departure Oviedo or Campomanes

  • OPTION A: La Cubilla from Pola de Lena – 70 km + 1317 m
  • OPTION B: Oviedo – La Cubilla – Oviedo – 130 km + 1600 m. Recommendation: leave the car in Pola de Lena and warm up 7 km before starting the ascent to the Puerto de la Cubilla.

You can download the altimetries and complete information in this document:“Special Vuelta España in Asturias“.

The objective is to enjoy

To make a Tracks Tour style cycling trip: the only objective is to enjoy. The possibility of doing the route with the creator and guide of Tracks Astures and Tracks Las Caldas in Asturias helps you to adapt the sections on the ground or to receive specific advice during the route. Having Ruth Moll, a professional cyclist and connoisseur of the area, allows you to get the most out of it by sharing routes and anecdotes just for you.

The time has come to bet on the mythical climbs of the Vuelta España in Asturias!

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