Types of MTB routes according to your difficulty

Cycling enthusiasts know very well the peculiarities of the different routes that can be found in the mountains. In this way, more and more people are enjoying this mountain modality called BTT and discovering the incredible routes that can be done. Of course, each type of route offers different levels of difficulty, comfort, lightness, downhill or uphill. It is also important to establish what type of bicycle we will use for the route, since it is very important to adapt to it.


There are different routes that can be done by bicycle. Each one has a type of difficulty and is adapted to each need.

  • Green route: The difficulty of this route is very easy and that is why they are designed for trips that are made with children or family, but also for friends or couples who want to have a good time and live a new experience without having practically no idea of mtb. In addition, this route can also be suitable for children or adults.
  • Blue route: The difficulty ranges from easy to medium and is suitable for people who have some knowledge of cycling and want to enjoy a pleasant time without too much difficulty. That is, this type of route includes small ramps, but is mostly flat.
  • Red route: The difficulty of this type of route is difficult and is for people who are physically fit and practice sports very often. In this case, there are all kinds of terrains, with many ascents and descents. In addition, you can climb a fairly high mountain and the route that can be done is quite long.
  • Black route: The route of very difficult difficulty is for specialized people who usually participate in trials and have a lot of knowledge.

Without a doubt, whatever your preference, mountain biking is a sport that you will enjoy.

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