Tracks of Ibiza and Formentera: the definitive cycling route to get to know the Pitiusas islands by mountain bike.

The Balearic Islands are one of the favorite destinations for Spanish and foreigners to spend their vacations. Ibiza, in particular, is a paradise full of sun, beach, party and good life. In recent years, a new trend has added to the island’s mass tourism. Mountain biking and sport are combined to tour a spectacular area full of places to discover on a bicycle. Dare to know the Tracks of Ibiza and Formentera!

Tracks of Ibiza and Formentera is the best way to get to know the islands.

Ibiza and Formentera, jewels that you have to know

Eliminate from your mind the image of the Balearic Islands as a summer destination for a couple of days. It is true that you can visit its cities and enjoy its beaches and nightclubs, but just as Mallorca is a reference for road cycling, the rest of the islands have a lot to offer cyclists and thousands of resources for nature tourism.

Away from the hustle and bustle and investigating what its landscapes, forests and paths hide, you will discover that Ibiza and Formentera have hours of entertainment for you. With your bike ready or your shoes, if you are more of a hiker, you can discover two authentic treasures somewhat hidden in the Mediterranean.

The true essence of the Pitiusas can only be discovered by walking through the less explored places. A walk around the islands along its paths, a search for its most beautiful corners and a refreshing dip in its clear waters is all you need to be captivated. Get ready: Tracks de Ibiza is your option to get to know these two beautiful islands in depth.

Tracks of Ibiza, the best way to get to know the island

Do you have your bike ready? Do you know your physical and technical level? Well, it’s time to choose how you are going to make the complete tour of Ibiza. Several options, from more to less demanding, to get to know the most inhospitable and hidden places of this beautiful island.

A total of 227 kilometers and almost 6000 meters of accumulated elevation gain are the main statistics of this route. Although it is a route of medium technical and physical demand, do not trust it: you can adapt it to your personal situation. If you prefer a more demanding option, with three days of filming you will be able to see the whole island. Following the advice of those who know best will take you around Ibiza for four days. And if you choose to take it easy, stop at each cove and spend time in each village, your route will be extended to five days.

A slow and demanding route in general. It is perfect for lovers of big challenges and for cyclists who love complicated roads and trails. Don’t be afraid of the intermediate level: anyone can enjoy this tour and adapt the routes through Ibiza to their needs. Dare to discover one of the national paradises by pedal stroke. You will never regret it!

Discover Formentera by bicycle

It is impossible that the beauty of Ibiza is not enough for you. If you want your senses to continue hallucinating during your stay in the Balearic Islands, we encourage you to complete the track of Formentera. This is the ideal way to get to know, without getting off the bike, an authentic natural jewel of the Mediterranean.

The route through the smallest island of the Pitiusas is of circular type, bordering the island and showing the cyclist all the wonders that the area hides. Although it can be done in a single stage, it is advisable to dedicate two days, so that none of the countless secrets escape you.

In a route of 85 kilometers and 1100 meters of accumulated slope, Tracks de Formentera allows you to know the whole island and keep forever a spectacular memory. If you travel to the archipelago, do not hesitate for a moment: spend some time touring Formentera.

Xicu Serrano, responsible for Tracks in Ibiza and Formentera

Behind a great project there is always a great team. We talked to Xicu Serrano, head of Tracks de Ibiza and the Ibiza Sport store, to tell us more about these routes around the islands.

What is the cycling trend in Ibiza and Formentera?

We see more and more cyclists and participants in active or sport tourism. There are many people who come to do sports in Ibiza. They take a bike and ride a good part of the island in a few days. Fewer motor vehicles and more bicycles are taken.

As a cyclist, how do you see yourself?

It is nice to see that there are more and more fans, both with people from the island and with foreigners who come to visit. There are more and more companies with guided tours, which are competition, but also help promotion. We like that more people are coming to the island, that the demand for this type of thing is growing. More and more people are coming to know the island through sport.

Specifically: what is Tracks de Ibiza y Formentera?

A tour that goes around the islands. Formentera can be done in one day, although it is a demanding challenge. Being so flat it is not difficult and it is a real paradise. With Ibiza we make a circular route, which can be divided into different stages depending on the level of demand you want to take.

Is it a tough trip?

If you spread it out over five days, it can be done well. If you try to do it in less, it is more complicated. If you want to enjoy it and have free time to do other things, it’s best to do it in five days. Because there are some pretty tough stages.

Xicu Serrano’s recommendations for Tracks of Ibiza and Formentera

You already know all the benefits of Ibiza, Formentera and the different bike trips you can complete to discover them. Xicu also told us about the importance of being prepared for these stages, especially if they are done in summer, “because it is very hot and it is not always easy to find places for refreshments”.

This problem, in Ibiza, occurs mainly in the north of the island, an area much less exploited for tourism, but with the least known corners of the archipelago. “The northern part is much quieter, there is another type of beach; in the south there are the beaches of the photos, the big hotels and the overcrowding,” says Xicu about the different alternatives offered by an island like Ibiza.

“The routes can be adapted to what the client wants, so you can customize the tour,” says Xicu about the possibilities of discovering the island in a unique way. Guides, GPS and a constant adaptation is the way of working of the workers of Tracks de Ibiza so that “the client can do what he wants and with the greatest possible comfort”. Regarding the equipment, things are clearer: “the recommendation is the mountain bike, although the routes can be adapted to the roads”.

You already know what Ibiza and Formentera have to offer, you know what their Tracks are like and Xicu has proved that there are few places like these two islands to spend time cycling. The Pitiusas are a tourist and cycling attraction for many reasons and one of the places to visit. So the sooner the better: prepare your next great cycling route with Tracks de Ibiza y Formentera.

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