Tracks Bandolers: mountain biking around Girona

The province of Girona has become one of the most demanded national territories by cyclists for to make routes in stages. The good climate of the area and the different activities to do are some of the reasons that make Girona a tourist attraction to discover it by bicycle. Visit Tracks Bandolers a mountain bike circuit that will not leave you indifferent.

tracks bandolers

Girona, the mecca of cycling tourism

More and more enthusiasts are choosing the Catalan province to practice mountain biking. Specifically, bikers from different countries point to Girona as the main destination in Europe for this sport. Attracted by the variety of routes, the proximity to the sea or the mountains, and the good climate. In addition to the wide range of activities in the sector as establishments and accommodations that have everything necessary for the cyclist.

Through the Tracks Bandolers, you can discover the most unusual places in Girona. You will ride through its mythical forests on trails, paths and streams, feeling the purity and nature of the environment.

The route runs through the natural parks of Montseny and Las Guilleries, two environmental jewels to enjoy your bike with landscapes that will surprise you. With this route you will know the region of La Selva and some of its municipalities such as Arbúcies, where the Castle of Monstsoriu is located, a historic fortress that offers a magnificent visual panorama of the coastal area and the peaks of Montseny and Las Guilleries.

Known as the town of the hundred fountains, you will reach Sant Hilari Sacalm, a water heritage site for its excellent natural waters. Among its secret caves and granite mountains hid the famous bandit Serrallonga, after whom the route is named.

Belonging to the Osona region, you will continue the route in Manlleu, a city that crosses the Ter river. Along the banks of the river, you will enter the most rural area of Manlleu pedaling through fields, castles and monasteries with beautiful landscapes.

At the end of the trip, your last visit will be to Anglés, a small village characterized by its extensive and flat valley with numerous trails for cycling. In addition, its urban center has one of the oldest and most important neighborhoods in Catalonia, attracting many tourists.

Tracks Bandolers, mountain biking adventure

It is a circular route with a distance of 228 kilometers and a cumulative elevation gain of 6775 meters. It is a territory where trails abound, with demanding paths both uphill and downhill.

Tracks Bandolers allows you to do the route in 2, 3 or 4 days depending on your physical condition. If you want to adapt it to a weekend, you can do the route in 2 stages with approximately 50 kilometers per day. For fitter bikers we have the option of 3 stages. We advise you to do it in 4 stages, as it is the perfect combination to enjoy the environment and the route. If you don’t have enough days, don’t worry, we can customize the route for you.

If you are wondering what is the best time to do it, it is a route that can be done all year round. However, spring and autumn are the most pleasant seasons for the weather, which will allow you to enjoy the colors of the forest. In summer it is usually hot, but most of the trails and ambush paths are shaded.

In short, Tracks Bandolers is a route for lovers of challenges who want to enjoy a journey in stages by bike with dreamlike landscapes rolling through the province of Girona.

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