The Ter mountain bike route

The route of the Ter is a route that can be done both by bicycle and on foot and consists of four stages. It is an ideal option for mountain bike lovers and links two key tourist spots: the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees . Therefore, it is a route where you can enjoy incredible landscapes, good gastronomy, historical and cultural points and, of course, enjoy doing sport.

Route of the Ter by bicycle

Following the course of the Ter river, this route goes through five counties in Cataloniaso there are many options to discover panoramic views and unique landscapesThe route can also be used for rural tourism or to visit some interesting monuments in the towns and villages you pass through, perfect if you are interested in the historical and cultural heritage of the area.

It is a route of approximately 220 kilometers. The starting point for the route would be Vallter, in Setcases, at an altitude of 2200 meters, to the mouth of the Ter river in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Gola del Ter, in the municipality of Torroella de Montgrí-l’Estartit.

For those who love cycling routes: the Ter route.

There are four stages that make up the route and the level varies along the entire route.

Stage 1: from Vallter to Ripoll

With a distance of 48.7 kilometers, this first route is of medium level and passes near villages such as Vilallonga de Ter, Camrpodon and Sant Joan de les Abadesses. In this first stage of the route you can get to know a charming rural environment and also other places of interest such as the Font Negra, from where you can see good panoramic views of La Roca. It also passes over a historic bridge, El Molí, and a young river.

Stage 2: from Ripoll to Manlleu

The distance covered is 46.7 kilometers and the level is high, perfect for mountain biking. During this stretch you will visit places such as the Montesquiu Castle Park and villages like Sant Quirze de Besora, Saderra and Borgonyà. Of course, you can also enjoy landscapes and natural environments such as La Farga de Bebié and the Meandro de l’Illa. The route ends in Manlleu, at the Museum of the Ter.

Stage 3: from Manlleu to Girona

This third stage is quite long, 75.24 kilometers, and the level is medium high, so be prepared. It runs along a greenway and through municipalities such as Roda, Bescanó, Salt and Girona. Also in this stage we pass through places such as the Pasteral, the large reservoirs of the Ter and the Sau and Susqueda reservoirs.

Stage 4: from Girona to Gola del Ter

Of 49 kilometers, this last stage is long, but easy and on flat terrain. Still following the course of the river, it goes through places like the beach of Estartit, the Congost de Sant Julià and Sobrànigues. Finally, the whole route ends at the Gola del Ter.

In short, the route of the Ter is a great idea for those who love mountain biking, landscapes, nature and gastronomy, since in many of these villages you can find restaurants that serve typical and delicious food.

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