The most important tricks to be the best biker on a MTB

Being the best biker (especially if you have a MTB) is possible. With a little effort and a few tips you can become a great cyclist. Innate qualities and effort are two of the most important premises, but what are the tricks to be taken into account to be a good biker? Here are the best keys.

The best tricks to be the best ‘biker’.

Be consistent with MTB training.

Once consistency has been achieved, progress must be made. The body must be subjected to different stimuli to force adaptation. These stimuli must be high in order to achieve this adaptation, but not to cause excessive fatigue that may force us to lower our training pace. Load is intensity and volume, so both add up, but also understand how many hours we do and at what pace.

When we talk about being progressive , we are referring to the training as a whole, not to an isolated session or two. Nor is it a matter of increasing the sport load from one training session to the next. It is always better to observe, week by week or month by month. On a monthly basis, in addition, progression should be sought until a better shape is reached. In any case, week by week, you should try to alternate some hard ones with softer ones, but always with an upward trend.

2. Strength training

For health and specific performance. At home, in the park or in the gym: there are a multitude of activities that can be done to help us improve this strength.

3. Technique training

Technique is vital, not only for maximum performance in every competition, but also for increased safety and enjoyment of training.

4. Performing high intensity training

To reach maximum potential, the body’s energy systems must be stimulated. However, the most important part is the aerobic part, so the intermediate zones should not be left out. Any stimulus has an impact on all systems, although there is a specificity in adaptation.

5. Rest as much as necessary

As they are constant and progressive, the next leg to watch is recovery . It should never be forgotten that all adaptation occurs while resting. Without sufficient rest time, passive or active, each cyclist can fall into a dynamic of decreasing performance.

6. Performing long outings and enhancing endurance

In mountain biking, for example, endurance is key. In all types of cycling the aerobic part is the most important. In view of this, the ideal is to adapt and increase the volume of training, that is, the hours we dedicate to training each week.

Training with an MTB can help us to be the best biker. In this post we have detailed the most important tricks to be the ideal biker. Contact Tracks Tour and hire our services to achieve your goals: we have different routes, in addition to offering full assistance.

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